Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Cafe Church Project

This is a new ecumenical venture in Felixstowe which has been in the planning for a few months now.

Venue: Costa, Hamilton Road Felixstowe.
When: Start Date Thursday Sept 13th 7.30pm
Then Once a month on 2nd Thursday

Aim: to reach out to those who don’t/won’t come to church especially lost generation (30-50yrs old group) although all are welcome

How: Through meeting people where they are, discussing everyday issues in an informal relaxed atmosphere, using some aids such as newspaper cuttings, poems, (nothing too heavy)
Being willing to admit don’t know answers, proving Christians are just normal people who make mistakes, enjoy everyday things.

Future: Maybe become weekly?
Alpha or something similar?
Where ever God leads!

So if you feel you would be able to help just come along, if you know some one who you think it will help tell them or even invite them to come with you, or if you have questions them come and ask them yourself.   If you can’t do anything else please pray for this venture as it is only through the will of God we can succeed, so your prayers are importan.