Wednesday, 16 October 2013


This is part of a series called Partners in Mission from the EBA.

Two weeks ago almost 60 people, from 9 different EBA churches, gathered at Saffron Walden BC on the border between Essex and Cambridgeshire , for Safeguarding Training. The Level 1 and Level 2 training takes place on a Saturday morning. This is for all those who are ministers, deacons, or work with children and young people in the church. There is a Level 3 training for ministers, deacons and t hose who are Designated Persons for Safeguarding in the church. This is delivered on a weeknight evening. 

Level 1 and 2 is an intensive training session and those who volunteer to work with children and young people in the EBA churches express their commi tment as they sacrifice a precious Saturday morning. Our Regional Ministers lead the training sessions and they are booked up and advertised up to a year ahead. They are held in different parts of the Association at least once a year. For information ab out forthcoming training courses visit the EBA website and you will find them listed under “Training/Courses”. Dates for Safeguarding trainings are also published on the back page of your EBA FOCUS magazine. 

One of the things that those who come along al ways say they have valued , is the opportunity to mix with people who are doing similar work in different churches. Mingling with people from other churches always enriches the experience. In an average year some 500 people take advantage of the Safeguarding training offered by the EBA. Regional Ministers are funded from your Home Mission giving. The training they receive in order to deliver Safeguarding training to churches and the time that goes into preparing for these training sessions is funded from y our Home Mission giving. 

Each time someone in your church applies for a DBS (that’s the new name for the old CRB) disclosure, if they are a volunteer, Home Mission pays the cost of the disclosure. Those who are in paid posts pay £44 each time . We don’t want churches to feel that they can’t afford to take the safety of children seriously and so we cover the cost of volunteer disclosures for all churches from your Home Mission giving. Just consider the different ways in which churches connect with children and young people. How many opportunities do we have to share the Jesus stories, to speak of God, to pray, to answer questions, and to help children and young people on a journey to faith? Sunday School, by whatever name we give it, Holiday Clubs, after school clubs, Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade, Cadet groups, RE lessons, midweek clubs, etc. 

To be able to create a safe environment for both youngsters and for volunteers and workers is an important issue in the world in which we live and follow Jesus. Your giv ing to Home Mission helps this to happen. Thank you for your partnership in this mission.