Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Partners in Mission - Great Yarmouth Port Chaplain

Peter Paine is a man of many talents but his work is totally faith led as he undertakes his role Port  Chaplain. Working in partnership with Industrial Mission and Mission to Seafarers to provide a chaplaincy to the seafarers and port workers, and linking them into churches and other agencies where there is a need.

Peter says: "Visiting of all vessels that come into the port is at the heart of the Chaplaincy – just being
where people live and work–on board. By getting to do regular visits to the vessels you get to know the crews and to gain their trust and friendship.  Vessels that come into port are on a very quick turn around time and sometimes it is just a case of saying “hello” on board, other times you have the  chance to sit down with all and enter into a good chat with the crews."    Making contact back home is essential, and in this day and age communications by email and telephone are high priority, so Peter always has the use of a lap top computer ready in his office, and always carries telephone cards for seafarers.

Back in the office Peter has a store of clothes, books videos, toiletries, and the essential “woolly hat, and gloves”. These are for exchange or to be given out, and he is always looking for more supplies to come in.

As part of the work Peter is supported by The Mission to Seafarers, an Anglican organisation and as part of his commitment to the society he is looking at trying to preach in as many Anglican churches as possible, so Peter would just love to hear from them, as well as Baptist Churches
Over the years Peter has been supported by a Home Mission Grant, and this has enabled Peter to continue to carry on in a full time role.  Peter just loves his job and while he has been Port Chaplain his faith has grown stronger and that each morning he adores getting up to go to work as every day is completely different. He is able to give out many Bibles and Christian literature as he wants and Alpha Courses at sea are a big thing.
Tel: 07788111823 or office01493 850270