Saturday, 28 June 2014

Awayday 2014

This year the Awayday was actually away from Walton, being held at The Hut on the seafront. We were warned by the forecasters that the weather was not going to be as good as we had hoped, but it only rained once during the day, and that was when we were all indoors. As the afternoon progressed, the sun came out.

There was a mixture of "regulars" as well as a few new "Awaydayers" who started the day with the mandatory cuppa followed by one of Sylvia and Maurices' quizzes. The one that stumped most people was the date of Midsummer's Day which is 24th of June, for those of us who didn't know. There was a sumptuous lunch of fish and chips and for those who didn't want to sit and relax after all that, there was an opportunity to have a walk along the front. Some of the day's helpers even braved a paddle.

After all that, there was a singalong - no it wasn't Chas 'n Dave playing the old time favourites - it was someone else! Mark ended the afternoon off with an epilogue about how things near to The Hut have changed over the years and how God has already prepared for us a way in which we can be sure of eternal life.

Then it was back to the cuppas and the cakes before homeward departure and a chance to put feet up!

There were the usual bevvy of helpers from MRBC, Seaton Road, St Mary's, Hope Trust and Parish Nursing who worked very hard to give everyone a good time. Many thanks to all of them, particularly Debby, who coordinated all the organisation. Roll on next time!