Monday, 4 August 2014

Boost Official Academy Partnership Launch

Boost has officially launched its Academy Partnership. Here's a video that Josh has made for it and the official Press Release.

The Trustee Board of Boost Felixstowe Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of 'Academy Chaplaincy', a brand new partnership between Boost and Felixstowe Academy.

This partnership sees Boost employ Josh, our youth worker, to be present full-time at the academy, in the role of Academy Chaplain, with the aim of unconditional support, advice and guidance to students. This role officially begins from September 2014.

The term 'Chaplaincy' may conjure up certain images in your mind. Today, chaplaincies and chaplains are found in hospitals, schools, airports, the armed forces, and large companies. Chaplaincies work differently in each context and are adapted to the communities in which they find themselves.

Academy Chaplaincy at Felixstowe Academy has three clear aims:
  • to support students: to offer pastoral support, advice and guidance unconditionally to all students, regardless of background, academic achievement or faith.
  • to explore faith: to encourage young people to explore faith for themselves and to develop the tools they need to confidently engage with spirituality.
  • to build community: to encourage activities and projects which promote interconnected communities proven to support young people and their families.
This partnership has been in the planning for 14 months as we've worked together to support Felixstowe's young people in the best way possible. This is a partnership both Boost and Felixstowe Academy are proud of and we look forward to working more closely together as we seek for all young people to 'live their lives to the full' and 'make their best better'.