Sunday, 12 April 2015

Walton Parish Nursing in Co-op's Community Token Scheme

Great News.  Walton Parish Nursing has been accepted for the East Of England Co-op's Community Token Scheme for the next three months. 

If you have a Co-op Member's card, you will be given a token when you shop and you will be able to select one of three local charities to allocate the token to - PN is one of these.

At the end of three months, £1000 will be shared out between the three charities in proportion to the number of tokens that have been collected for each of them.    The scheme is in operation in Solar at the moment, but please keep an eye out for a collecting box in other local EoE Co-ops too.

Details of the scheme are here.    If you don't know much about Walton Parish Nursing then look here.