Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Vanishing Grace Bible Studies

During the autumn, some of out Small Groups will be looking at Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey. 
The Vanishing Grace Bible Study series was published in America only and the study guides seem to be out of print and hard to get, so they are reproduced below. They can also be viewed on computers, phones or tablets but you will need to use the rotate facility as they have been formatted for printing.

The DVD is in US format rather than European and Mark has produced a copy that works on British DVD players as well as putting it on YouTube.

The sessions are available online below.

1. We've got problems Video 1
2. What can we do about it? Video 2
3. Who are the grace dispensers? Video 3
4. Is it really good news? Video 4
5. Holy subversives Video 5

Note for Leaders:   All the session files are in pdf format and you should be able to download and print them. The studies are long, so please feel free to adapt them as appropriate to your group - or just guide free discussion of the material after watching the video.   Please see Mark for a copy of the DVD.