Friday, 30 October 2015

Walton Parish Nursing Celebration Service

Sunday 18th October saw SRMC packed to bursting, with not a spare chair, as the three Walton churches gathered together for their annual service to celebrate this ecumenical ministry. The congregation of 120 included Mayor, Doreen Savage, District Chair, Circuit Superintendent, councillors, reps from organisations, clients, Methodist, Baptist & Anglican Ministers & members from the three Walton churches.
Ros Moore, the new CEO of PNMUK had travelled from Yorkshire (with a nerve-racking train journey that meant she nearly missed the service!), who gave an inspiring talk. Being a Methodist & using a visual aid of a rope with 4 knots, she linked Our Calling of Service, Learning & Caring, Worship & Evangelism to what we do in Parish Nursing. This was a way for churches to show God’s love by being a good neighbour to people in need, supporting community development & in turn growing as Christians.
Wendy Hubbard introduced herself as the new OT & said what a privilege it was to combine her training as an OT with her Christian faith.Music was provided by the JAM group at St Mary’s.
Each group was called to the front & showed what a big team we had become, bringing different skills & expertise to the ministry – the Trustees (including Ministers), Management Team, Volunteers (16), Lorna PN, Wendy OT plus Ros & Helen Wordsworth from PNMUK.
There followed refreshments organised by MRBC with a splendid array of cakes where conversations were had & connections made.
This was an uplifting service for all those involved in WPN which affirmed the work we do, reminding us that it’s not what we do for ourselves IN church that matters but what we do OUTSIDE our church walls for others. It’s what Jesus would do.

Sue Hockenhull
This article was written for SRMC's magazine, Brightstar.

You can view video highlights of the service here.