Thursday, 11 October 2012

Town Pastors receive prestigious SAVO award

On Wednesday 10th October, Suffolk Town Pastors received the Charity of the Year Award from the Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations (SAVO).   Representatvies from most other the local TP groups were represented.  Felixstowe Town Pastors were represented by Phillippa Kichenside (Co-ordinator and Town Pastor), Barbara Lamberton (Base Prayer Team) and Mark Reid (Chairman).

It's amazing that Town Pastors have been recognised in this way by the wider community in Suffolk.   This ministry continuing to make quite an impact in the county's towns - most major ones now having a TP team.

Philippa is seated on the right, Barbara is in the middle row wearing light blue, and Mark is third from the left on the back row.  All Suffolk representatives at the presentation are pictured below.