Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bible Sunday 2016

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Voices from the Jungle

A few months ao David and Linda Bunn's granddaughter Rebecca worked in the Jungle Refugee Camp in Calais with Youth With A Mission for 3 weeks.    She says this: 

I worked in a warehouse in the mornings, sorting through and organising donations of clothes, blankets, hygiene products etc. In the afternoons, I went into the camp to meet and chat to the refugees there.

There are about 6000 refugees in the camp, 92% male. We found they have a lot of the basics, it’s just conversation they need, and a chance to talk about their hopes and worries. There are some quotes and some pictures from my time there below.

The people there are so lovely, but feel as though they are stuck; the future seems hopeless for many of them.Most of them want to get to the UK, but they don’t want to stay there; they miss the families they left behind, and they want the wars to be over in their countries so they can go back. The camp in Calais, along with the camp in Greece, are desperate for more volunteers, so check out this website if you feel you can help: Please also pray that Europe will better be able to organise these camps, and give people there chances to move on; pray for the police, and for for church in the Calais camp, which is basically empty since half the camp was moved a few months ago.

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