Thursday, 14 December 2017

Walton Parish Nursing Prayer Diary, January 2018



Welcome to the new WPN Monthly Prayer Diary. Please use it in your daily devotions or in your church
 services or house groups to pray for the work of Walton Parish Nursing.

Wendy Hubbard will be returning to as Parish Nursing Occupational Therapist in the new year.

Rev Ivan Barley has stepped down as Chair of our Trustees. We are grateful for the hard work Ivan has put in
over the last few years as WPN came into being. Robin Pattinson from Seaton Road Methodist Church
replaces him.

Contact us: email:
Lorna (Tues, Wed, Thur) 9am-4pm 07969 901001
John (Tues, Thurs) 8-30am-4-30pm 07909 888703
Wendy (Wed, Thurs) 8-30am-4-30pm

A printable version of this Diary in A5 booklet form can be downloaded and printed  (pdf format)
There's also an A4 version available as a pdf

Mon 1st
Please pray that the Lord will pour out His blessings on the ministry of WPN in 2018
Tue 2nd
Please pray for the monthly health drop-in at The Laydens. Please also pray for “No Labels” at SRMC this afternoon.
Please pray for the two Chair Based Exercise Classes running at MRBC on Wednesday mornings.
Thur 4th
Give thanks for our team of volunteers and pray for more to join the team.
Fri 5th
Please pray for the ministry of Parish Nursing Ministries UK
Sat 6th
Please pray for Lorna, our Parish Nurse
Sun 7th
Please pray for the WPN Trustees as they manage the overall strategy of WPN that they may have wisdom in leading the ministry into the next stage of its development.
Mon 8th
Give thanks for those volunteers willing to provide transport for clients to get to appointments and safety in their travels.
Tue 9th
Please pray for the drop-in at the Pop-Up Shop in St Philips today.
Wed 10th
Please pray for the two Chair Based Exercise Classes running at MRBC on Wednesday mornings.
Thur 11th
Please pray for Fizzability, our working-age group that face challenges to their mobility.
Fri 12th
Please pray for those volunteers who visit and help lonely people with health issues.
Sat 13th
Give thanks for all the positive links that WPN have forged with other local health providers.
Sun 14th
Give thanks for the leadership of Ivan Barley over the last few years.
Mon 15th
Please pray for wisdom for our team as they liaise with local surgeries and health professionals.
Tue 16th
Please pray for the Crafty Morning at The Laydens this morning.  Please also pray for “No Labels” at SRMC this afternoon.
Wed 17th
Please pray for the Chair Based Exercise Classes running at MRBC this morning.
Thur 18th
Please pray for the drop-in at Collimer Court this morning.
Fri 19th
Please pray for the WPN Management Team who are responsible for the day to day running of the ministry.
Sat 20th
Please pray for Sandra Griffiths, Lorna’s Line Manager.
Sun 21st
Please pray for all those who are involved in Sole Mates, WPN’s leg care ministry which provides regular monitoring and early detection of problems.
Mon 22nd
Please pray for the planning of future courses in falls prevention and healthy heart.
Tue 23rd
Please pray for health drop-in at St Philips this morning. Also pray for No Labels which meets at SRMC this afternoon.
Wed 24th
Please pray for the Chair Based Exercise Classes running at MRBC this morning.
Thur 25th
Please pray for home visits that provide support, particularly respite care for family carers.
Fri 26th
Please pray that the planning for the Health Fair in later this year will run smoothly.
Sat 27th
Lorna has clients who come to her for healthy lifestyles consultations. Please pray that they will find the strength and willpower to change their lifestyles in a positive way.
Sun 28th
Please pray for our local Parish Nursing UK co-ordinator, Sheena Glanville.
Mon 29th
Please pray that Wendy will quickly settles back into her role as OT as she returns to WPN.
Tue 30th
Please pray for the continued spread of Parish Nursing around churches in the UK.
Please also pray for “No Labels” at SRMC this afternoon.
Wed 31st
Please pray for the Chair Based Exercise Classes running at MRBC this morning.

Please send any feedback relating to this sheet to Rev Mark Reid

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Walton Churches' Advent 2017

There is an Advent Course organised by St Mary's and Seaton Road this year and details are below to which all are invited.  Rev Charlotte Cook has also produced a series of Advent devotions and these can be downloaded here (pdf file).    We shall be putting the devotions on our Facebook page with a link from the Twitter feed on our own website homepage from December 1st.

Monday, 23 October 2017

EBA Prayer Focus: Eastwood Baptist Church

From the beginning of November 2017, we will be not be putting any further EBA Weekly Prayer Focus items on In Touch but instead direct you to the EBA Website, which has a special section with all the Prayer Focus items under Churches.  We will point you directly to it from social media.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Felixstowe Christian Action Against Debt And Poverty - prayer supporters needed!

Felixstowe's CAP debt centre is up and running. This is a ministry which makes a real difference - often a life changing one - to people who are experiencing debt. As part of that, they need a prayer team to support this work. If you're interested, do go to Ranelagh Road on November 4th or contact them via the information below.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Felixstowe Town Pastors Autumn Prayer Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to be printed on two sides and folded. If you want to do that, then download the pdf here. Do also check out the new Felixstowe Town Pastors Website.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Meet the Regional MInister

The appointment of Beth Powney marks a new era for the Eastern Baptist Association as she takes up her appointment as Regional Minister and Team Leader.   Beth will be Thetford based and cover the northern sector as well as lead the Regional Ministry team.   In this video she outlines some of her hopes and vision for the Association.

This video is part of a new initiative by the EBA to encourage prayer for the work of churches and ministries in the Association. Each week there will be an article focussing on a church or ministry and every other month or so, there will be a video. It is intended that these are used in services, prayer meetings and house groups. We will post this material here on In Touch with links from the MRBC Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Prayer for Festival Pastors

Love Latitude in Prayer
Latitude is a major festival of art, music, creativity, fun and relaxation for all ages based at Henham Park, Suffolk. This is one of the events where the Town Pastor Family gather from all schemes in Norfolk and Suffolk under the banner of Festival Pastors to serve, pray and care for those attending - more than 35,000 people. A range of refreshments can also be found in the popular Festival Pastor Café where a warm welcome is always on the menu!
An oasis”, “Your presence has made me rethink where I am going.”, “We feel safer”, “We love you guys (and gals)!”, “Can you help me?”. Some words used by others about Festival Pastors at previous Latitude Festivals.
Prayer is at the heart of Town Pastors and during Latitude (13-16 July) the baton of prayer is passed between all 11 schemes with intercessions taking place throughout the festival. Additionally, there will be a board inside the café where individuals can post their prayer requests/questions/thoughts/inspirations and our usual prayer tent on site.
With so many people attending from all over the UK and beyond, we would love it if our Christian family would also support and ‘Love Latitude’ in prayer. If you would like some more information or would like to be added to the list of people praying for the ministry of the Festival Pastor team, please contact the Co-ordinator, Jan Bedford,
Thank you so much for your love, prayer and support, as we serve our precious Lord together!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Eucharisteo: thanksgiving, faith joy.

Sermon by Janet Rhea  8th May 2017 MRBC

 Review by Denise Wilding

Download 100 gifts pack: the Eucharisteo Challenge