Friday, 23 June 2017

Prayer for Festival Pastors

Love Latitude in Prayer
Latitude is a major festival of art, music, creativity, fun and relaxation for all ages based at Henham Park, Suffolk. This is one of the events where the Town Pastor Family gather from all schemes in Norfolk and Suffolk under the banner of Festival Pastors to serve, pray and care for those attending - more than 35,000 people. A range of refreshments can also be found in the popular Festival Pastor Café where a warm welcome is always on the menu!
An oasis”, “Your presence has made me rethink where I am going.”, “We feel safer”, “We love you guys (and gals)!”, “Can you help me?”. Some words used by others about Festival Pastors at previous Latitude Festivals.
Prayer is at the heart of Town Pastors and during Latitude (13-16 July) the baton of prayer is passed between all 11 schemes with intercessions taking place throughout the festival. Additionally, there will be a board inside the café where individuals can post their prayer requests/questions/thoughts/inspirations and our usual prayer tent on site.
With so many people attending from all over the UK and beyond, we would love it if our Christian family would also support and ‘Love Latitude’ in prayer. If you would like some more information or would like to be added to the list of people praying for the ministry of the Festival Pastor team, please contact the Co-ordinator, Jan Bedford,
Thank you so much for your love, prayer and support, as we serve our precious Lord together!